Livewell Academy staff chatting

Preparing For Your Return…

Over the past weeks and months, we have been getting so excited for the day that we can reopen our doors to you once more. It has felt like an eternity has passed since the bustle of delegates passed the Academy office door on the way to training sessions, and we cannot wait for that day to arrive again. However, our reopening on 1st September has meant that we have needed to prepare ourselves and our venues to ensure that the relevant social distancing measures are in place and that we can keep you, and our trainers, safe. 

So, how are we getting ready for your return to the Livewell Southwest Academy?

  1. We have spaced out our tables in our training rooms to allow for 2 metre social distancing between delegates and trainers
  2. Limiting delegate numbers on our courses has meant that we have been able to reduce the risk of over crowding and breaching of social distancing measures
  3. The addition of numerous hand sanitation units throughout the Academy and at our partner training venues has been crucial
  4. The introduction of a Track and Trace system as you enter means that we can alert you if you have come into contact with anyone with Covid-19
  5. We are also offering courses through a variety of different mediums (bespoke, virtually and classroom based) so that you can attend the courses you love in a way that suits you
  6. Three of our staff have been trained as Covid-19 Compliance Officers, and have carried out all necessary risk assessments, in line with government guidance, to ensure the Academy meets the relevant requirements, giving you confidence to walk through our doors on 1st September
  7. We are no longer providing refreshments, in order to stop crowding in communal areas. However, we will be selling flasks and drinks bottles that you can take home with you to ensure no cross contamination, and access to a water dispenser

Of course, we will be continually reviewing our risk assessments and social distancing measures to ensure that they are in line with government guidelines, making sure that we are operating at the highest possible standards. If you have any queries with regards to our courses, or further information on how we are going to look after you, please do speak with Chloe our Training Coordinator (, who will be happy to help you.

As always, we look forward to seeing you soon.