Livewell Academy staff chatting

Keeping You Safe & Trained

Dear Delegates, 

As you know, the Livewell Southwest Academy opened our doors to you once again on 1st September 2020, but only after we had put in place the most careful, precise, and caring procedures to ensure your safety as well as that of our valued staff. 

Over the past three months we have implemented COVID-19 protocols, following government guidelines, while at the same time ensuring your training experience is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. With this in mind we trained three of our staff – Marie-Helene Arti (Head of Training, Education and Development), Chloe Van Schalkwyk (Training Coordinator) and me, Andrea Mahn (Marketing Manager) – in becoming COVID Compliance Officers. I am very pleased to announce we all passed with 100% and are passionately displaying our certificates on the wall of the Academy office. If you would like to know more about this course, please do e-mail me before the price returns to normal. We have a super discounted rate of £59.00 per person instead of its usual £200.00.

I have been heartened to see so many of you returning to the Academy either for face to face training, whilst adhering to the new social distancing measures, or for the new virtual training sessions we have put together. Our highly qualified tutors have said it is a very new normal but is still equally as effective! It is always a pleasure to see you all and see our training rooms still being used.

Now as we move from the glorious summer weather into the cooler days of autumn, and in anticipation of the winter months to come, Boris Johnson’s announcement on 22nd September did not come as a huge surprise to many. But I still want to reassure you that we will continue to do whatever is necessary and within government guidelines to ensure that we are safe and that training can continue. What we do know, however, is that for the next six months this will be our new way of working but it certainly does not stop you keeping up to date and compliant with all your training requirements.  Please do have a look at some of our new courses we have added to the website. As ever, our Mental Health First Aid course continues to lead as one of the more popular sessions and sadly, with suicide rates continually rising you can see why this would be.

Did we ever think we would be living, breathing and working in these very strange times? I for one certainly didn’t.

Since our reopening in September, our staff have been wearing face coverings as we recognise the importance of keeping you and our team safe. We can no longer offer the luxury of hot and cold beverages, but we are offering our very own Livewell flasks and cups in all different colours. These can be purchased from the Academy office or our Independence Centre based in the Local Care Centre of Mount Gould Hospital. Please just ask your trainer who will only be happy to help during your time with us.

We are constantly listening and training our teams as the Government guidance and legislations are published. This will remain ongoing due to the daily updates received from the Government.

I am certain that whatever steps we need to take, both now and in the coming weeks and months, we will find a way to adhere to safe guidelines while providing you with the exceptional experience and continuity that is the essence at the Livewell Southwest Academy.

These are unprecedented and challenging times for our country, for each of us as individuals, and for our industries. Yet I believe that the social enjoyment of training and upskilling still remains one of the biggest pleasures in life. My team and I are determined and committed to ensuring you receive the very best training as previously before COVID and now more than ever before, whilst keeping you safe. 

I look forward to welcoming you to our safe and upbeat Academy very soon.

Thank you,

Andrea Mahn 
Marketing Manager