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Course Date: Bespoke dates only, please contact to arrange

Course Leader: Andy Field

Duration of Course: 1.5 hours

Location: Livewell Southwest Academy, Beauchamp Centre, Mount Gould Hospital

Accreditation Length: 2 years

Price: Please contact us for a quote

PREVENT is part of the UK’s counter terrorism strategy, preventing people from becoming
involved in terrorism or supporting terrorism. Primarily aimed at Health Staff (HealthWrap),
this has now been redesigned to roll out to all other sectors where there could be
vulnerable adults or children.


Objectives/Aims of Course

To give an overview of PREVENT and the UK counter terrorism legislation; To consider who may be vulnerable to radicalisation and influences. Who may be vulnerable and need your help and be clear what support looks like and who you can turn to for that support.
It explores radicalisation and extremism and gives an understanding of how vulnerable people can be drawn into extremist thought or terrorist-related action.

  • Understand Prevent’s aims
  • Think about who may be vulnerable to terrorism
  • See why some people are able to influence others to commit crimes
  • Recognise when a vulnerable individual may be in need of your help
  • Be clear on what help and support looks like in your area
  • Who should you turn to if you have concerns

Course Programme

Introduction of the PREVENT process and how this links to legislation. Exploration of the signs of radicalisation and our duties as front line staff.

Course Deliverables

This course will provide a ceritificate of Training for PREVENT, in association with The Home Office.

Who Should Attend (including pre-requisites)

Any staff with face to face contact within Health and Social Care.

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