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Sensory Awareness

Course Date: 14 September 2020, 13:00 - 16:30

Course Leader: Rebecca Bond and Sharon Smyth

Duration of Course: 3.5 hours

Location: 34 Camden Street, Greenbank, Plymouth, PL4 8NW

Price: £48.00 per Delegate

Available Places: 12

This course is delivered by a combination of Occupational Therapists and will help to give attendees an understanding of the seven sensory systems.

Objectives/Aims of Course

This course will help you to understand the difficulties that people with learning dissabilities will have with sensory needs.

Course Programme

This half-day course will help you:

• Have an understanding of the seven sensory systems.
• Understand that we all have sensory needs and preferences.
• Increase your awareness of people’s different sensory needs.
• Understand the difficulties people with a learning disability may have with their sensory processing.
• To recognise that some behaviours may be due to other causes, other than sensory processing problems.

Course Deliverables

This course will provide a certificate of training for Sensory Awareness.

Who Should Attend (including pre-requisites)

This course is suitable for anyone wanting to increase their awareness of people’s different sensory needs.

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