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Breakaway Training (Bespoke)

Course Date: Bespoke dates only, please contact to arrange

Course Leader: Kym Shorthouse, Crystal Stean, David Dodd

Duration of Course: 2.5 hours

Location: Livewell Southwest Academy, Physical Intervention Room, Mount Gould Hospital

Accreditation Length: 2 years

Price: Please contact us for a quote

To implement successful Breakaway skills in line with The General Services Association (GSA)
curriculum, whereby the GSA develop and disseminate best practice in the management of
violence and aggression, primarily in Health, Social Care and Educational settings

Objectives/Aims of Course

To implement conflict resolution strategies alongside Breakaway techniques, which allow the member of staff to move away or escape from a potentially threatening situation.
If there is physical contact, Breakaway techniques are a physical skill to separate or disengage from the threatening behaviour.

Course Programme

This course is delivered in a spacious room, and combines a mix of theory and primarily practical based skills. This course is assessed by the successful application of the skills, and participation of 80% of the course.

  • To discuss Conflict Resolution strategies and safer working practices that aim to reduce the need for Breakaway, and reduce conflict in the future.
  • To implement successful Breakaway skills in: wrist grabs; clothing grabs; hair grabs; punches and slaps; head locks and strangle holds.
  • To understand the law and reasonable force and place into context within Health and Social Care settings.

Course Deliverables

This course will provide a Certificate for Training in Breakaway Techniques.

Who Should Attend (including pre-requisites)

All staff that have face to face contact with patients/individuals, in particular staff that are at risk of physical harm from this contact.

All staff will need to complete a pre-training health screen questionnaire, this can be found in your pre course email and needs to be completed and returned to us before your training course.

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