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Continence, Bowel Management and Catheter Training

Course Date: 16 October 2020, 09:00 - 16:00

Course Leader: Donna MacDonald, Debbie Marshall, Sharon Stephens and Kayleigh Davenport

Duration of Course: 6 hours

Location: Livewell Southwest Academy, Beauchamp Centre, Mount Gould Hospital

Price: £96.00 per Delegate

Available Places: 0

Unfortunately there are no places remaining for this date. Click here to view the next date instead.

This course will help you gain an understanding of Continence, Bowel Management and Catheterisation. If you provide advice and support on the promotion and management of Continence, and are competent in the Aseptic technique, this course is a must.

Objectives/Aims of Course

To provide advice, support and information on the promotion and management of continence. There are two aspects to the training, urinary and bowel which tie in together based on the core subject of continence.

Course Programme

  • The importance of Urinalysis Results
  • Bowel and catheter care management
  • DRE, DRS, Manual Evacuation techniques
  • Effective fluid and bowel charting (and the importance)
  • Catheter care and safe catheterisation insertion (Male, Female and Suprapubic)

Course Deliverables

The course will provide a certificate of attendance for Continence Bowel Management, Assessment and Catheter Training. 

Who Should Attend (including pre-requisites)

Delegates are required to have Aseptic Technique competency completed prior to course attendance.

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