Screenshot of the video first slide of the promotional video for the COVID-19 Compliance Officer Online course

Covid-19 Compliance Officer Course

19 June 2020

For the last few months, businesses around the world have had to rapidly adapt to the impact of Covid-19. Businesses are now having to reassure not only their staff, but customers and service users, that they are compliant with all of the regulations for our new way of life. It is for this reason that we have decided to offer out a Covid-19 Compliance Officer course to provide the background knowledge and resources to help your business become Covid Compliant. 

This 2 hour course is intended to be a tool for management or business owners who are directly responsible for creating and implementing Covid-19 policies in the workplace. It is written in a style that would accessible for those who may use English as a second language. It strikes an effective balance between being straightforward and informative.

We are currently providing an introductory offer to this course, at £59 per person. In order to access this offer, please use the discount code LWSW10off.

Visit this link to book your place.