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10 October 2018

In recent years, mental health awareness has become a key talking point with further emphasis placed on the fact that mental health is just as important as physical health, requiring the public to have more understanding of a key issue that many are facing today.

The Mental Health Foundations report that, “1 in 10 young people are affected by mental health illness, with 70% of those not having interventions at a sufficiently young age.” Most secondary school students will know of someone within the mental health system, if they aren’t accessing it themselves. However, knowing how to respond to a friend with a mental health issue, knowing how to spot someone who may need help, and knowing about the key mental health illnesses is not something that is taught within the National Curriculum.

If young people’s mental health is such a prominent issue in modern society, it suggests the importance of making sure people’s awareness is heightened and that they are trained to the appropriate level, so that they know how to deal with the issues they are likely to be confronted with.

Here at the Livewell Southwest Academy, we have expert trainers who deliver quality Mental Health First Aid Training, looking specifically at young person’s mental health. If you are interested in undertaking this training, visit our courses page.