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New Year, New You?

2020 has been and gone and what a year it has been!

The past 12 months have been like no other in living memory. And after all we have been through there is a real need to take a compassionate look at self- development and our own mental health in 2021.

Enrolling on one of our courses will help you heal from life in a pandemic by giving you tips and tricks on ways to be a little softer to yourself….

With the New Year comes the temptation to hop on board the change train of ‘self- criticism’, head to carriage unrealistic expectations, and comparing to others and trundle on to destination ‘new and improved you’. Its like purchasing a golden Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket for the change train and finding a more vibrant, healthy, driven, goal smashing, habit breaking, 100 billion new skills acquiring you by December 2021. With all of this expectation you can arrive feeling overwhelmed and very disappointed.

How many of us have set targets to lose weight, drink nothing during Dry January and have failed by the end of the first week? I know for one, I have already failed my targets but what I have learnt this year is we really must be kind to ourselves and each other.

This year, when I reflected I thought about self-improvement and what that meant to me personally. I took the idea of taking away fuelled ideas of self-criticism and looked at what is going to make me feel more contented… I came up with these goals:

  • Accept who you are
  • Nourish your body
  • Bring attention into actions
  • Take time for yourself

By approaching personal growth, habit change and goals with a kinder self-talk that cares for your mental wellbeing, I evaluated the relationship I have with myself and others and proposed 5 habits:

  • Invest in yourself by spending 15-20 mins each day doing something you enjoy
  • Write down positive things about yourself when your inner critic finds fault. Put that antennae voice to bed for once and for all
  • Act as though you were your own best friend and be kind and supportive when you stumble or feel you have failed. Does it really matter if you have failed but you have learnt something from it? Who have you failed?
  • Do something to wind down and relax at the end of each day
  • And sit back and appreciate those small wins daily

And yes you might be asking how have I completed this? I enrolled on the courses below and I cannot recommend them enough. I am so much a better person for it:

Mental Health First Aid
Resilience Training

Contact us on 01752-435152 or email info@livewellswacademy.co.uk for further information on booking these courses for you and your team.