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One in ten young people experience a mental health issue

26 April 2018

According to Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA), one in ten young people will experience a mental health issue in one way or another. Even more alarmingly, suicide is the second most common cause of death amongst those aged 5 – 19 years.

The MHFA reports that, in an average group of 30 15-year-olds:

  • Seven are likely to have been bullied
  • Six may be self-harming
  • One could have experienced the death of a parent

A report produced by Public Health England in March 2017 identified that hospital admissions for young people with mental health conditions had increased in the Plymouth area and is now higher than the England average.

With these figures higher than ever, and the pressures of school, social media, bullying, poverty and lack of availability of professional mental health support identified as contributing factors, it is clear that young people need our support NOW!

The Wellbeing team at Livewell Southwest are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of everyone across the Plymouth area. They offer courses in Mental Health First Aid, as well as offering a free course to help anyone understand mental health and wellbeing. Their mission is to end mental health discrimination and the stigma surrounding mental health.